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The Screen Ville; Much Ado about Big Brother Naija

Though I’m an avid follower of the big brother franchise, I haven’t completely understood the purpose idea behind the show. I don’t know if ‘idea’ is the right word to use, but i’m at loss for the appropriate word.

Ok what do i know?
That they’re trying to create stars , Yes?
That its unpredictable, Yes?
That a lot of people are clamoring for this opportunity, Yes.
That it’s a good great platform for anyone seeking publicity, Yes.
But what i fail to understand is what ultimately earns them that money. You get to leave in a house for 3 months, mostly enjoying life. Some people get kicked out because they are ‘boring’ or ‘fake’ or just plain unfortunate, (Coco Ice). 

And then Someone wins 25 million just like that. Like you literally win 25 million for being lucky enough to survive 3 months in the house.
What a Wow!
I used to think it was only ideal for people that were entertainment inclined, but Emmanuel Ikubese changed that thought. 

As an entrepreneur going into big brother, the height of fame that you’ll attain is enough to kickstart whatever it is you’re trying to build, people are automatically curious about your life and so whatever you do gains recognition.
But my question here is, How does one Survive that 3 months? Is there a certain formula/trick to keep the viewers entertained and survive eviction? What do the viewers want to watch?

Falz said something to Debbi Rise when he visited the house, ‘ I want more from you, give me more, romance somebody’. That got me thinking, is that really what people want to watch? 

But Miyonse and Soma got evicted on the same day, despite them both being the ‘lover boys’ in the house. So what did they do wrong? And what are Gifty and Debbie Rise doing that Coco Ice didn’t do? She was after all entertaining wasn’t she?
Share your thoughts with me.


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