To shop online or not

Shopping online or taking a trip to the market?
        Shopping online has made things a  whole lot easier for a lot of people with reasons ranging from ‘it’s convenient’, ‘it’s stress free’, ‘they deliver’, ‘I’m all for anything that keeps me away from traffic and market wahala’. A friend of mine said, ‘It’s exciting when you want new clothes or gadgets, it’s often tiresome if you have to go around a store, wait in line to pay for purchases and then perhaps carry a heavy load containing all you purchased, only to find out you’ve forgotten something’. The chances of all that happening is reduced with online shopping. 

Personally, there are some items I would rather go to the market or a store to purchase, but any other time, I would gladly avoid the hassle of going to Oshodi market or Lagos island to shop. The absolute worst being Yaba market! Those Yaba market guys have no chill at all. As a student I can’t really avoid it, because it does serve a purpose, but thinking about it gives me the chills. Those guys would pull, push, tug, and drag you to the point of exhaustion. You can’t avoid it no matter how straight your face is, add some insults to that and you’ve gotten the complete shopping experience. Lol. With the emergence of new online stores regularly, one thing we don’t lack is a place to get goods and services. But also be prepared to spend. 

These days, one can get anything online from services to clothes to fresh foods and fruits. The list is endless. Like every other thing, shopping online also has its downsides. After daydreaming about your order, and then when it comes you find out it doesn’t fit right, or the description certainly doesn’t fit the item. The hassle involved in returning it is something no one wants to do. Also, the issue of late delivery, it’s disappointing to learn that the plans you’ve made for what you’ve ordered won’t come true after all.

And then this.

Or this.

         Going to the market on the other hand, requires leaving the comfort of your homes, standing in queues, going under hot sun and so on. 

Some people feel it’s worth the stress because they are able to see the quality of what they are purchasing, they can strike bargains, they are able to compare different products and pick the one that’s most suitable. Very plausible reasons. Though times are changing, there’s nothing like seeing ,feeling and sampling what you want to get.

        What would you rather do, shop online or take a trip to the market? Would you prefer to stay home and click from page to page till you are satisfied and even after you are satisfied, or you would rather go to the market and feel the product to be satisfied? Share your thoughts with me.

Photo credit; Willy Thuan,,,, Do it 9ja, Whoot Africa


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