On; Educated Illiterates

Illiteracy for me can only be tolerated if you were unable to get appropriate education, but otherwise its a NO NO NO!

I have a big problem with bad grammar.
It’s a serious pet peeve for me and an automatic turn off for me. I’m less inclined to listen to you when you’ve committed serious blunders without even realising. How can you not know what you said is wrong? Doesn’t it sound somehow in your ears? Can’t you read my facial expression? But you’re educated, aren’t you? You’ve had at least secondary education, so why are you speaking all this English, why do you speak the way you type? You shouldn’t have literally told me “HBD”. That was the last straw. You really shouldn’t. You’re probably wondering why I don’t talk as much as before. I’m sorry but I was tired of ‘all your English’ and shortcuts.
It’s a serious turn off for me when seemingly educated youths can’t compose a proper sentence, don’t know when to use have, had and has or I’m and am. To some extent it can be tolerated when typing (because not everyone is like me. Some folks don’t have the patience to spell out every word completely when it can be shortened especially when it’s just a simple chat session.) but not when speaking. Come-on, talking takes a considerably shorter time, don’t be lazy. The irony of this is a lot of folks don’t even know when they are wrong; texting does have its disadvantages and auto correct kind of does more harm than good.
 I tend to pay more attention to people that speak properly; I’m not talking about accents, but your ability to construct proper sentences and communicate accurately. You don’t need to pull out the big words, but at least, I should be able to understand you clearly rather than process what you meant a minute later.
Some of you might agree some might not, some that are guilty of this will make sure they scan their comments for any errors before they bash me, while some would just take correction. It’s all good as long as I’m able to draw your attention to it and take correction, I’ll conclude because I’ve achieved my aim.
This really made me laugh, but not everyone will get the joke. 😂😂

Till my next article.
Photo credit; Somee cards Google


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